Weekend Photo Academy by Catherine Cardona

Weekend Photo Academy

Let's get real for a second... are bad photos holding you back?

What's included?

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Module 1: Introduction
Lesson 1- About Me & History
11 mins
Lesson 2- Photography/Editing Tools Basics
12 mins
Module 2: Setup
Finding Your Style Workbook
607 KB
Lesson 1- Finding Your Style
6 mins
Lesson 2- Shooting Raw Mode
7 mins
Lesson 3- Depth Of Field
10 mins
Lesson 4- Sharpness & White Balance
10 mins
Module 3: Lighting
Lesson 1- Indoor Lighting
14 mins
Module 4: Composition
Lesson 1- Arranging The Frame
9 mins
Lesson 2- Photography for Sellers
11 mins
Lesson 3- Tethered Capture Basics
6 mins
Lesson 4- Lightroom Tutorial- Tethered Capture
11 mins
Tethered Capture Cheatsheet
257 KB
Module 5: Editing Basics
Photo Editing Cheatsheet.pdf
68.8 KB
Lesson 1- Sorting Your Photos
7 mins
Lesson 2- Editing Raw Files
6 mins
Lesson 3- My Favorite Photoshop Tools
14 mins
Lesson 4- How to Create Photoshop Actions
12 mins
Lesson 5- My Photoshop Workflow
10 mins
Lesson 6- Collage Basics
7 mins
Lesson 7- PicMonkey Basics
15 mins
READ ME- Note about Test Files.docx
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How long do I have access to the course for?

By signing up for this course, you'll get lifetime access! That includes all updates in the future. That's right- sign up now and you'll get all the new content that gets added- for no additional fee!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a generous 30 day money back guarantee. Simply let me know within 30 days if you’d like a refund, and we'll go over your work to see if there's anything I can help with, because I genuinely want you to succeed. If it tuns out that you did the work and the course just wasn't helpful, I'll give you your money back.

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