Sleigh Your Holiday Photoshoot by Catherine Cardona

Sleigh Your Holiday Photoshoot

Plan, shoot and edit your holiday card photos in 5 days or less!

Looking to take your own holiday cards, but aren't sure where to start?

I understand- my photo-taking process used to involve looking on Pinterest for photos I liked, picking a day to take my pictures, and running wild at the last minute to try and make my photos presentable. The problem was, I didn’t know what I was doing and it SHOWED. My pictures definitely didn’t look like my inspiration photos. They barely even matched the vision I had in my head!

Maybe you can relate. Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’ve looked through all your vacation photos and debated just sending one of those to get it over with, but you’ve been dreaming of a fun holiday themed shoot where everyone matches.

  • The photographers in your area are already booked up, or you don't want to spend the money. You feel like you could do it yourself if you had a plan of action and a little more direction. 

  • You’re overwhelmed by trying to figure out what your family should wear for photos and where to do them. Should you drag the family to a Christmas tree farm or all sit in front of the tree? 

  • You’re desperately writing letters to Santa, saying “all I want for Christmas is these pictures to come out ok in the end!” All your family photos so far look like a bad Facebook update. You want to be able to send something you’re proud of that shows off your family in the best way.

I understand, I’ve been there! I’ve taken far too many photos in my backyard or just standing in front of the tree because it was the easiest thing to do. There are far too many moving pieces in a photo shoot to venture outside your comfort zone, right?

But those photos get boring, especially when you’ve got a grand vision in your head! You don’t need to settle. You just need a plan to make your dream photo shoot a reality!

Through working on my blog, I developed a system for planning and shooting photos of myself and my family. Whether I had a friendtographer to help, or relied on using self-timer, I was able to capture the photos I had imagined in my mind. This helped me to save a ton of time & money, plus I was less stressed! As a result, I found that taking pictures was fun again. I didn’t need to longingly wish that I could hire a photographer “someday” to take our photo. I was able to take the photos myself and provide a lifetime of memories for my family.

Since I know how hard it can be to plan your own photoshoot (especially with a family!) I sat down and developed a system so that you can get better photos of your family too! Within 5 days (or less) you’ll have amazing photos of your family that you’ll be able to take and edit in a fraction of the time. Oh, and they’ll match those Pinterest images you had in mind like never before!

Since the holidays can be SO hectic, I cut out the fluff and complicated language to give you exactly what you need to know and nothing else. I keep the videos short and sweet, just like Santa’s elves. Plus, with Podia you can watch these videos on the go- whether it's on your cell phone, iPad or laptop. Since everything is broken down, you can click to a specific topic to re-watch a video if you need to. Easy peasy!

This course contains 5 magical modules, one for each day!

Day One: Planning

I’ll be showing you how to lay a great foundation for your photoshoot to ensure everything comes out the way you hoped! We’re talking finding inspiration pics, creating a shot list, and daily to-do lists. I’ve even got all the free printables right there for you!

Day 2: Lighting

One of the more mystical parts about photography- finding the right lighting! I’ll break down my proven method for finding the best lighting in your home, and how to locate the best lighting outdoors. Plus, I’ll cover what to do when the lighting just plain sucks and why the weather is important, whether you’re shooting indoors or out!

Day 3: Outfits

Wondering what the heck your family should wear so you don't look like creepy clones from an Awkward Family Photos roundup? I'm sharing my tips for looking coordinated, without being corny! Whether you're wearing matching PJ's or glam outfits, there's something to learn.

Day 4: Shooting

These days, we have the power to take our own photos with amazing cameras. All it takes is learning a few (easy!) skills to take it to the next level. I want to teach you these skills so that your family can have amazing photos even without a professional photographer. These are skills that can be carried throughout the year, for all your photos!

Day 5: Sorting & Editing

The magic is in the editing! I'll teach you my step-by-step system for editing photos so that you can have that dreamy blogger glow, even when the lighting isn't ideal or the camera doesn't cooperate. I'll also show you how I sort through my pictures with ease and "copy and paste" my edits so that it takes a fraction of the time!

*Yes- this is a real before and after! The camera did something funky and the picture was DARK. But, it was too cute to pass up.

Bonus Module: Phone Photography

I’ve included a bonus module- a whole lesson all about how to maximize your phone photography! That’s right, even if you don’t have a camera, you’ll be able to take even better photos- right with that phone in your hand! I’ll be covering the most popular iPhone features plus the small mistakes you might be making with your phone photography!

Your Purchase Helps a Good Cause

We are so lucky to be happy and healthy with our gorgeous family. But, some families need a bit of help. To appreciate the privilege we've been given, $1 from every sale will be donated to Toys for Tots. Let’s help families in need provide a beautiful holiday for their kids!

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

This course is hosted on Podia, which has a simple, responsive interface. That means whether you're watching on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, you won't miss a thing. Since everything is broken down, you can click to a specific topic to re-watch a video if you need to. Easy peasy!

I know what you’re thinking- you can come up with about a million reasons why you can’t take this course.

Maybe you think…

  1. I don’t have enough time to take the course or my own pictures.
  2. There’s no way I can learn enough about planning, shooting and editing in 5 days to make my pictures look dreamy
  3. My pictures won’t look very good because I don't have a fancy camera (remember: you don't need one!)

You might be trying to find reasons why this can’t happen, but the truth is that you can do it! I created this 5-day course just so you can plan, shoot, and edit your holiday card photos with ease. The holidays approach quickly, and planning  a shoot can be overwhelming if you've never done it before. With my system, you'll know exactly what to do each day so that your photos will be easy to take, and come out amazing! Plus, with my editing style, you'll be able to take those photos to the next level for professional quality- yep, even the duds.

You’ll know exactly how to take your own pictures, what to do and when, and how to shoot & edit them so they look as professional as possible. And you’ll get all of that (and more!) with this course! This course is perfect for the family on a budget that still wants to take their own holiday photos to send to family, because I think everyone deserves to have amazing photos!

So, don’t spend the next few weeks going through trial and error, trying to get this done on your own.

Enroll in Sleigh Your Holiday Photoshoot to get your photos done (yes… top to bottom DONE!) in 5 days or less!



How do I find time to learn? I'm already so busy! #Tistheseason

I understand! The holidays can be a crazy time for all of us. I've separated this course out into daily videos, so that you can plan, shoot and edit your photos within just 5 days! I made the videos bite-sized but full of great information, so you can learn quickly and then take action. Each day you'll only be spending about an hour (or less!) watching the videos and planning your shoot. 

Do I need to watch every day for 5 days?

Nope! You can take this course at your own pace. So, whether you want to binge watch all the lessons in one sitting, plan your photoshoot in 3 days, or spread it out across 2 weeks, you'll be covered!

How long do I have access to the course for?

Forever! Learn at your own pace and watch the videos again and again.

Where do I take this course? Do I need to attend in person?

This course is entirely online- no attendance required! Once you purchase the course, you'll receive an email with login information. Save this email and the important information inside so you can login anytime, anywhere!

I'm not a photographer. Will my photos be any good?

Yes! I'll teach you how to set the scene, get the best lighting, and do really quick edits to get your photos looking dreamy. This isn't photo rehab- you won't be spending countless hours trying to fix photos, but instead you'll be creating a foundation so each picture looks great. That includes things like posing, keeping your family happy, and reducing distractions.

My friend/sister/cousin also wants to take her own holiday photos. Can I share my course login with her?

First off, I'm so glad you love this course so much that you want to share it with those closest to you! It means the world to me that I'm able to be helpful. While I'd love for you to share this course with everyone in your life, I ask that you please refrain from sharing your login with friends and family (aside from your spouse or partner). I purposely priced this course so that it's affordable for every family out there. In order to be fair to those that purchased the course, and to the charity which receives a donation from each purchase, I ask that you encourage others to purchase this course rather than sharing your login for it.

Does a portion of my sale go to a good cause?

Yes! For every course sale, $1 will go towards Toys for Tots. It was really important to me that I'm able to give back. Even though the course itself is priced affordably, I wanted to make sure that something went to giving back. A dollar doesn't sound like much, but I'm hoping that with more course sales, I can increase that donation year after year!

What do I need for this course?

A camera (or a phone, but try dusting off that camera if you have one!)
A window & sunny day
A family (hah!)
A location
A spare memory card
A fully charged battery (and a spare)
An external hard drive

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos File Icon 6 files


Day 1: Planning
Course Introduction
4 mins
Indoor vs. Outdoor Photos
13 mins
Pinterest Inspiration
10 mins
Utilizing Pinterest
6 mins
Day 1 Worksheet Overview
11 mins
Day 1 Checklist
61 KB
Day 2: Lighting
Mastering Indoor Lighting
10 mins
Outdoor Photos
16 mins
Equipment & Extras
12 mins
Location Ideas
12 mins
Day 2 Checklist
113 KB
Day 3: Outfits
Outfit Ideas That Wow
25 mins
Day 3 Checklist
27.7 KB
Day 4: Shooting for Success
Shooting With a Friendtographer
7 mins
Self Timers & Self Portraits
10 mins
Photography Basics
12 mins
Success, Guaranteed
15 mins
Case Study: My Shoot vs. My Inspo
10 mins
Day 4 Checklist
58.3 KB
Day 5: Editing
Rating in Bridge
9 mins
Importing and Rating in Lightroom
7 mins
Things to Look Out For
9 mins
Second Round Of Rating
10 mins
How to Edit Photos
32 mins
Making Corrections
6 mins
Cropping and Straightening
6 mins
Exporting Your Photos
7 mins
Day 5 Checklist
25.3 KB
Phenomenal Phone Photos
17 mins
Editing Pics on Your Phone
9 mins
Keeping Kids Happy Guide
255 KB