Dreamy Baby Photography

An affordable course for mamas that makes them say  "pinch me, did I take this photo?" 

Tired of trying to take great photos of your baby and falling short? I can help.

When my daughter was born, I wanted to take some amazing newborn photos of her. So, I did what every responsible momma on a budget would do- I went to a chain store (that rhymes with Lie Lie Lady) and had a photoshoot done. And I was very underwhelmed with the results. 

They weren't edited, they weren't great, and some of them weren't even in focus! I paid about $120 for 30 photos. And I left thinking, well that doesn't look so hard. I can do that! 

You take photos of your baby every single day.

Wouldn't it be great if those photos were the kind of pictures you were proud to print out and hang up on your wall?

The kind of photos that really show off your baby the way you see them? 

The kind of photos that seem to preserve them, in all of their cuteness?

When I started taking pictures of my baby, they were dark, blurry, and looked amateur.

Sure I had about 3,000 photos of her, but none of them were very good! We're talking up-the-nose shots, with her in one arm while using the other one to hold my phone as high up as I could to get her in the shot. My pictures had all the issues, like awkward angles, weird shadows, and loads of clutter in the background. I felt discouraged thinking that these awful cell phone pictures were all I would have to leave my child someday.

So, I decided to change things up. I started taking photos of her with the intention of having them be really good and realized that it wasn't hard to get amazing photos like the pros. The more I practiced, the better I got and the easier (and faster) it got to take these photos.

I developed a step-by-step system that makes it easy to do, and I compiled it all in this handy course just for you! It's priced far less than a single photo session at your local department store or with a professional photographer, and it puts the power back in your hands.

When it comes to babies, you can't waste a single moment with trial and error. They change every single day and there's not a moment to lose!

Your baby is growing up FAST. Do you have enough quality photos of them?

Imagine if...
- You could take newborn photos like the pros for a fraction of the cost
- You could take amazing milestone photos of your baby with ease, that actually look consistent from month to month
- You could make everyday photos look like you hired a professional, so you can capture those fleeting everyday moments 
- You could do all of this, right from the comfort of your own home!

Newborn Tips & Tricks

They'll only be this tiny once! You'll get my suggestions to make the most of your newborn photoshoot, and how to capture every little detail- from their tiny fingers and toes to their little ears!

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Think you need a studio setup or fancy lights to get gorgeous pics? Nope! I'll show you really easy ways to fake it with what you've got on hand. Plus you'll learn all the lighting basics to create the right foundation for each and every photo. 

Better Cell Phone Pictures

Think you can't take great pictures with your phone? Think again! I'll teach you my step-by-step method to editing your cell phone pictures that takes them from meh to wow- without using fancy filters or pricey Photoshop actions. 

Get Off Auto Mode

Using a fancy DSLR? This course will teach you why it's so important to get off automatic mode and make the switch to manual! It's incredibly easy and the results are worth it. 

Don't be overwhelmed- I'll walk you through it and explain it in a way that's easy to understand!

Lightning Fast Edits

Listen momma, I know you're busy. That's why I'm showing you how to make edits in a fraction of the time! Whether you're editing on your laptop or on your phone, this course will show you how to make your pics as dreamy as possible- without having to spend hours editing!

Simple, Easy to Navigate Interface

This course is hosted on Podia, which has a simple, responsive interface. That means whether you're watching on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, you won't miss a thing. So go ahead and watch while you poop- I won't judge!

Memories for a Lifetime

Don't you wish you could keep your baby tiny sometimes? This course will help you to do just that- preserving the memories of the day-to-day fun with your baby, without a pricy photoshoot. You'll have great DIY baby photos right away that you can cherish for a lifetime. Plus, it gives you something amazing to pass down to them!

Giving Back

We are so lucky to be happy and healthy with our gorgeous babies. But, some families need a bit of help. To appreciate the good health we've been given, $1 from every sale will be donated to March of Dimes. 

What's included?

Video Icon 40 videos File Icon 2 files


Course Intro
7 mins
What You'll Need
5 mins
Finding Time to Watch *Important Lesson!*
9 mins
Module 1: Lighting
Mastering Indoor Lighting
14 mins
Types of Lighting to Avoid
11 mins
External Lighting
11 mins
Outdoor Photos
18 mins
Yard Explorer Exercise
8 mins
Module 2: Camera Basics
Camera Basics Overview
12 mins
Phenomenal Phone Photos
17 mins
Module 3: Set up the Scene
Where to Shoot
22 mins
What To Use As A Backdrop
15 mins
Shooting for Success
11 mins
Styled Photoshoots
14 mins
Lifestyle Photoshoots
4 mins
Sleeping Or Awake Poses
4 mins
Avoiding Blurry Limbs
6 mins
Module 4: Composition
Composition Concepts
6 mins
Fantastic Frames
10 mins
The Little Things
8 mins
Module 5: Sorting & Editing
Sorting and Editing Intro
8 mins
How to Rate Photos in Adobe Bridge
6 mins
Importing Photos Into Lightroom
5 mins
How to Rate Photos in Lightroom
3 mins
How I Edit in Lightroom
9 mins
Editing White Balance/Temperature
2 mins
Editing for a Window
3 mins
Copying Edits in Lightroom
8 mins
Audit Your Edits
5 mins
Exporting Your Photos Out of Lightroom
7 mins
Resizing For Social Media
4 mins
Phone Editing: The LR App
4 mins
Phone Editing: A Color Story
4 mins
Rock Your Milestone Pics Guide
32.1 KB
Keeping Baby Happy.pdf
67.5 KB
BONUS: Newborn Photo Tips & Tricks
Newborn Photos: Tips & Tricks
15 mins
Manual Mode for Mamas
Getting Off Automatic Mode
5 mins
Excellent Exposure
9 mins
All About Aperture
10 mins
All About ISO
9 mins
All About Shutter Speed
9 mins
The Exposure Triangle: Explained
11 mins


How long do I have access to the course for?

Forever! Learn at your own pace and watch the videos again and again.

How do I find time to learn? I'm already so busy!

I understand, momma. Whether you have other littles, work full-time/part-time, or even if you're just plain overwhelmed, it can be hard to find the time to learn. I've created a whole lesson about finding the time to watch these videos. I made them bite-sized but full of great information, so you can learn at your own pace. Once you've learned, I think you'll see that it doesn't take up as much time as you thought it would!

My friend/sister/cousin just had a baby. Can I share my course login with her?

First off, I'm so glad you love this course so much that you want to share it with those closest to you! It means the world to me that I'm able to be helpful. While I'd love for you to share this course with everyone in your life, I ask that you please refrain from sharing your login with friends and family (aside from your spouse or partner). I purposely priced this course so that it's affordable for every momma out there. In order to be fair to those that purchased the course, and to the charity which receives a donation from each purchase, I ask that you encourage others to purchase this course rather than sharing your login for it.

Where do I take this course? Do I need to attend in person?

This course is entirely online- no attendance required! Once you purchase the course, you'll receive an email with login information. Save this email and the important information inside so you can login anytime, anywhere!

I'm not a photographer. Will my photos be any good?

Yes! I'll teach you how to set the scene, get the best lighting, and do really quick edits to get your photos looking dreamy. This isn't photo rehab- you won't be spending countless hours trying to fix photos, but instead you'll be creating a foundation so each picture looks great. That includes things like posing, getting baby to be happy, and reducing distractions.

I want to photoshop my baby into crazy poses. Can I learn that here?

While those photos look absolutely awesome (and will make you very popular on social media!) I won't be teaching that here. You'll learn how to improve your photos- not manipulate them. But, you will learn how to take great photos of your baby which you can then manipulate later!

Does this mean every single picture I take will be professional quality?

This course will give you a great foundation to take pictures you'll be proud to share with your family, on social media, and to decorate your home. That being said, I am a firm believer in two types of photos: in-the-moment photos and cherish-this-for-a-lifetime photos. That means that not every picture will be worthy of being hung up in a gallery BUT this course will help you to create the best in-the-moment photos possible!

Does a portion of my sale go to a good cause?

Yes! For every course sale, $1 will go towards March of Dimes. It was really important to me that I'm able to give back. Even though the course itself is priced affordably, I wanted to make sure that something went to giving back. A dollar doesn't sound like much, but I'm hoping that with more course sales, I can increase that donation month after month!

What do I need for this course?

A camera (or a phone, but try dusting off that camera if you have one!)
A window & sunny day
A baby (hah!)
A location
About an hour
A spare memory card
A fully charged battery (and a spare)
An external hard drive

Hey, I'm Cathy.

I'm a blogger, momma and DIY'er by nature. Whether you're looking to learn how to improve your business photography or take better photos of your baby, I'm there helping you so you can get back to your day! I create affordable courses for the DIY'er in all of us. 


My mommy takes the best photos ever! She's also really sweet and informative. Take this course so your baby gets great photos too!
Hailey Cardona